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Flandre Teenage is the teenager girls was various version of Flandre Suke and a teenage vampire girl along her sisters to Remilia Teenage who have to lived in the Scarlet Devil Mansion around the Modern Age 2017 between present day.

Flandre Teenage is the titular deuteragonist as her appearance in Touhou Resurrection Project, And her cameo appearance in Who Framed Miku.

It was whose made the Character animator, pose / Motion animation director by James Emirzian Waldementer by using from Argonaut Niuxlius Entertainment, PLC. And character modeler created by Akemiwhy.

Flandre Teenage is the acknowledge was approximately born from the Mansion for at least 20 year after and later to modern age between 2017. But since she has size then taller were her ages is 16 is included to 18-year-old of Teenage girl. She has addiction various of same with Flandre Suke as a child girl she under of stated 7-year-old at the time. The stated of Scarlet Devil Mansion whose has been value personally of Teenage girls as it yet to Teenage ages fellowing to Remilia Teeange perhaps has the sisters introduced for Remilia Suke size then is child younger. She was raised known for equipment of Arrow bow and Spears about the going outside place position. However, She has shown a demonstration was shooting arrow bow weaponry, Which teens have much to skilled to Arrow bow before earlier 2000’s. After her claimed with Suke child will being alone with Teens as a her lifetimes initial to do location in roommates. Her usually has chatting and playing along to do so was iPhone and iPad has surrounding from real life that reality. (Mention of Who Framed Miku).

In the following event, Until their this time in Modern Age. When was the Suke child has figured to remembrances that has The Lost Files from surrounding by the so far universe in time warped, It has approximately light year since is 3185 which has being to abandoned planet from across by the galactic historic universe (Inactive from the ArcadeStudio), She will managed to helped with Lost files space ships crafters by surrounding space crafter according to led by Star Runner has it yet that come with Touhou Place.


Flandre Teenage is normally came purely teens, She was described as the talked on chat is played “Flandre iPhone, iPad” and although she equipment to Arrow Bow often that skilled is took on their strange targeted from Earlier 2007, Which she makes it going from neighborhood for others position to somewhere is happier is quiet been physically by personally herself.


Flandre Teenage equipped to Arrow Bow capabilities just like the Flandre Suke powered doesn’t have the weaponry anytime she also was heaviest weapon may much the machines, Such as the enhanced physical strength of powers. With the destructive on the weaponry from the creative machine as Drone Laser Lance appeared and the numerous is waves of flying objection to powered for drone laser lance to the weaponry controlled as vampire to generally are gimmicks for ability attacker by options (Much like Jenny Wakeman from MLAATR), Since she equipment from their ultra weapon an oversized then swords through out to striker attacks by quality and as a countering her attacked would to slow it goes by surrounding enemies since she does know for the properly way then to attacked anything to the enemy, She is able to go on the harder for focuses is reverted are trace is without from them.

Flandre Teenage also the secondary attacked anything else has Pulzer Laser, Which way is truly for controlled ability with the no one being weaknesses, By objection to through sideways of the object numerous by the tension is highly trenched over through that way tricked by her moving the another clone Drone and after by the attacking its holded triggering in Air and ground is anything into the position. Then she focused is blur effects her powered that kept her to slowing from focused hopping by using Arrow bow, She these has vector to laser eyes and unconditionally for targeting that homing sparks with just a handling is stated the serial attacker has an Laser line eye and that she have those are vector eyes in her fingers triggered.

This usage for ability was never being shown from other then that various types is nothing else. Everything she made the Special Attacked is R-Cay coasted to laser bean to shooting waves with ends up to everything is clearly, Which may has the been Using to Cluster dots that has the cluster dots is charged out from seek with the Weaponry tools with an can using weapons emitted to charged up to Cluster Dots.

She would not able to clones herself, Which may has Flandre Suke is only clone herself as seen in on her the spell cards that used, Where was Suke is only 3 clones that keeps help them to battle for surrounding areas, They have to Teens and Suke only attacked as they like which could mean they’re able to think is independently to gaining more graded.


In her equipment, She have the Arrow bow an objected weaponry that looks like a black bow with Arrow strikers is ammos are needed (Sometimes is refilled through ammo appeared by itself) This is a properly Arrow that holding from triggering peculiarity associated with Flandre Suke is learned with Arrow shooting, In which may has Arrow bow is derived from that secondary weapons wanna that known for Arrow shooter.

And it was luckily that effects arrow was triggering going through damaged is flowing for Red sparked attacked.